Odin's Companions Axe Head Pendant - Stainless Steel


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Axe head pendant with Odin's companion animals, a raven and a wolf, on each side of the pendant. A small Valknut sign is on each side over each animal, which is often interpreted as the sign of Odin. A metal link chain necklace is included with the pendant.

Wolves and ravens are popular in Norse mythology as Odin’s eternal companions that he created to help him on his journeys. First he made his wolves, Geri and Freki, ravenous and greedy, to hunt and fight with him on his travels. The first two ravens were named Hugin and Munin, memory and thought, were eyes and ears during Odin’s adventures and assisted wolves with their hunt. Amongst his many names Odin was also known as the raven lord or the father of wolves, and these animals were often found carved in religious drawings or as decorational ornaments.

Necklace Included: Fashion Link Chain
Product Size: 1.57" (4.0cm) 
Material: Stainless Steel
Shipping: FREE Shipping! Please allow 14-28 days for shipping & delivery.

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