Tyr's Runed King's Chain with Mjölnir - Stainless Steel


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A heavy stainless steel link chain with runic beads on both ends of the chain. Each bead is engraved with Tiwaz rune associated with the God of war, law and justice Tyr whose greatest feat was selfless sacrifice of his hand to lure world eater Fenrir the wolf into an Aesir trap. Clasp locked ring completes the necklace by inserting the ring into runic beads on each side of the necklace. The bite ring is intended for pendants, and can be easily opened via a clasp for pendants to be swapped at will. This necklace comes with a complementary Mjölnir stainless steel pendant.

In Norse culture, Thor's hammer Mjölnir is an iconic weapon of the Nordic God of Thunder. By legends, this hammer was the most powerful weapon in existence, capable of leveling mountains with a single blow. Being one of the most prominent representations of Thor and his godly strength, the iconography of this weapon was widely popular amongst the Norse and was used widely for religious practices and rituals. Akin to the crucifix, Mjölnir was used for blessing the holy events such as marriage or worn by Nordic warriors to grant them strength and protection in battle.

Necklace Length: Variable
Chain Thickness: 0.20" (5mm)
Material: Stainless Steel 
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