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Handcrafted Helm of Awe Shield and Ravens Ring - Sterling Silver & Brass - Norsegarde
Handcrafted Leather Wallet 'Fehu' - Black - Norsegarde
Handcrafted Fenrir Beard Comb - Sterling Silver - Norsegarde
Handcrafted Viking Wolf Wristband for Apple Watch - Sterling Silver - Norsegarde
Handcrafted Ravens Necklace with Mjölnir - Sterling Silver
Handcrafted Leather Wallet 'Fehu' - Red - Norsegarde
Handcarved Raven Smoking Pipe - Oak - Norsegarde
Handcarved Raven Smoking Pipe - Oak Sale price€142,95 EUR
Handcrafted Valkyrie's Embrace Necklace - Sterling Silver
Handcrafted Foldable Leather Wallet 'Fehu' - Black
Handcarved Skull Smoking Pipe - Ash Tree - Norsegarde