Antique Celtic Bangle - Celtic Knot

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Traditional style Celtic bangle with Phoenix pattern and magnetic cuffs. The size of this bracelet can be adjusted by firmly pulling the bracelet apart or together until the desired size is reached. To avoid damaging the bracelet while adjusting, it is recommended to apply adjustments slowly and to not exceed the product size limitations. Available in three different metal colors.

Phoenix is a mythical creature that is known under different names in many different cultures. This creature, made of pure flames, leaves only ashes after it passes away, however from these ashes it is always reborn anew. Phoenix is the symbol of eternal life through rebirth, and is often depicted in fairy tales, mythological stores, and works of art all over the world.

Product Size: Adjustable, 7.09" (18cm) to 9.45" (24cm) circumference
Material: Zinc Alloy 
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