Celtic Fenrir's Bite Heavy Chain Bracelet - Stainless Steel

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Heavy and imposing stainless steel heavy chain bracelet with Celtic ornamented Fenrir the wolf head tearing into his own tail. The ouroboros bracelet is closed with a spring clasp creatively designed as the wolf's maw that locks onto the hatch provided on the other tail end of the bracelet. This bracelet comes in a variety of sizes, and the spring clasp adds extra comfort when putting the bracelet on and taking it off.

In Norse mythology, Fenrir is an enormous wolf that was prevented from causing death and chaos across the worlds by the Aesir Gods. Tricked by the Aesir, Fenrir was chained for an eternity and a sword was stuck in his mouth to prevent him from gnawing on his chains. Doing so was costly for the Aesir – Tyr, God of law and justice, had to sacrifice his hand to persuade Fenrir to walk into a trap. During the end of all worlds, Ragnarok, it is prophesied that Fenrir will break his chains and run rampart, his maw stretched by the sword so wide that this giant wolf will be able to devour both Moon and Sun in one bite.

Product Size: Varied
Material: Stainless Steel
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Customer Reviews

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Linda L.
Nice item

I really like the bracelet, though it feels a bit small, so though I usually complain that things are too big this does fit but I am not used to things fitting. I swapped out wearing bracelets for rings some years ago so I'm not always used to wearing them now, depends on the bracelet. Other than that I have seen things in 925 silver on another site that are less than £20 more than I paid for this, so I was a bit disappointed to find that this made in China item of stainless steel seems therefore, a bit overpriced. I can't pass it on to anyone as it won't fit anyone except me as I ordered my size but it's good they make small sizes. I now assume most things are made in China these days, even the 925, unless specified at point of sale. I use it for guarding my desk or table most of the time. It's become a sort of pet. But yeah, overall these are nice items if you don't mind the price. The site has a lot of good items but I am currently looking around here and there.

Pleased with bracelet but.......

Although pleased with this bracelet,grandson loved it but as it was a gift ,disappointed gift box not provided ,also thought I was buying froo UK,so a little misleading

Thomas H.
Sehr Schönes Armband

Dieses Armband ist wirklich sehr schön, hat eine tolle Verarbeitung und fühlt sich so an wie man es erwartet. Das einzige was ich etwas schade finde das die Größen direkt einen Sprung von 2 cm machen. Was dazu führ das das Armband entweder zu eng ist oder zu weit. Allerdings wird das ja nicht bei allen so sein aber im großen und ganzen ist es wirklich ein tolles Armband.

Katrina M.

Got this for our son and he loves it. It looks grate and he says he has had lots of good remarks about it when he wears out. Well worth it and I'm very happy with it Thankyou

Grace J.
perfect bracelet!!

everything about this bracelet is amazing! i bought it as a xmas gift for my boyfriend and he loved it! the detail is incredible and the size is perfect too, will be ordering more bits soon!

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