Geri and Freki Braided Leather Bracelet


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Thick braided leather bracelet with an option of up to three Nordic runes being added on it. Stylish and comfortable to wear, this bracelet is easily secured on the wrist via a magnetic lock clasp.

Wolves play a major role in Norse mythology, as Odin created the first wolves to act as his companions during his travels. He named his new canine companions Geri and Freki, the ravenous and the greedy one, who slowly populated the world with their offspring during Odin’s journeys. First humans were said to learn from Geri and Freki on how to cooperate during hunts and care for their close ones. Wolves were iconic of strength and community in Nordic culture, and were often depicted in religious drawings or carved on everyday items and charms.

Product Size: Variable, 7.09" (18cm) to 10.24" (26cm) circumference
Material: Leather, Stainless Steel 
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