Nidhoggr's Bite Dragon Bracelet - Stainless Steel


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Heavy and imposing stainless steel bracelet with a Nidhoggr dragon heads for clasp. This bracelet is available in several sizes, and is easily secured on the wrist with a unique design bite ring clasp.

In Norse mythology, Nidhoggr is the dragon that gnaws and chews away at the root of the world tree, Yggdrasil. In turn, the roots of the world tree are holding this dragon in captivity, preventing him from escaping and wreaking havoc on all living things. Symbolic of invisible danger to the entire world that the world itself is preventing from escaping, Nidhoggr was considered to be the inevitable evil in every day’s living that could not be prevented, only fought and braved. 

Product Size: Variable
Material: Stainless Steel 
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Customer Reviews

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Charlie C.
Love it!

The bracelet itself is not only beautifully made, good and chunky but also super easy to put on whilst being really secure, the material is perfect - no dents or scratches. The details in the heads are amazing, we spent too long admiring the teeth lol
The only downside is how many sleeves have been caught on its awesome horns already - but totally worth patching up some tiny holes!

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