Berserker Viking Pendant - Stainless Steel

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This Viking inspired pendant is designed in a form of round shield with a viking berserker engraved upon it. This pendant comes with a choice of leather or metal necklace.

Viking berserkers were famed to be the best warriors that the Norse had who formed their own brotherhoods with just one cause in life - to wage war and to die gloriously in the name of Odin. Trained to be the ultimate reckless killing machines, berserkers were placed at the front of the army in large scale battles to charge into and initiate the fight. Inebriated with psychedelic mushroom brew during fights, these warriors had no feeling of fear or pain, going into the famed berserker rage and fighting even after receiving mortal wounds until they were chopped to pieces or completely bled out.

Necklace Included: Leather or Metal
Product Size: 1.50" (3.8cm)
Material: Stainless Steel 
Shipping: FREE Shipping! Please allow 14-28 days for shipping & delivery.

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