Rune Sword and Triskelion Shield Pendant


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A Viking-inspired runic longsword and round triskelion shield pendant. Longswords were another favorite weapon of vikings used for battles and skirmishes, and the shields were always hung on the side of the longboat as an additional defense while sailing and for easy access once a skirmish starts. A comfortable black leather necklace is included with this pendant.

In Celtic culture, Triskelion "the three legs" symbol has a mystical and cryptic meaning behind its meaning, and that to this day had not been deciphered with certainty. It is suspected that it symbolized the rule of three states or parts in every matter of being, and the free movement of energies between those states or parts. Some of the popular meanings of Triskelion is life - death - rebirth, body - soul - mind, and creation - preservation - destruction.

Necklace Included: Black Rope Necklace
Product Size: 1.97" (5.0cm)
Material: Zinc Alloy - Silver Plated
Shipping: FREE Shipping! Please allow 14-28 days for shipping & delivery.

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