Runic Nidhoggr Pendant

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Norse inspired Nidhoggr dragon pendant with Elder Runes inscribed on the tail of the beast. A comfortable black leather necklace is included with the pendant.

In Norse mythology, Nidhoggr is the dragon that gnaws and chews away at the root of the world tree, Yggdrasil. In turn, the roots of the world tree are holding this dragon in captivity, preventing him from escaping and wreaking havoc on all living things. Symbolic of invisible danger to the entire world that the world itself is preventing from escaping, Nidhoggr was considered to be the inevitable evil in every day’s living that could not be prevented, only fought and braved. 

Necklace Included: Black Leather Necklace
Product Size: 2.36" (6cm)
Material: Zinc Alloy - Plated
Shipping: FREE Shipping! Please allow 14-28 days for shipping & delivery.

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