Veles Bear Bite Heavy Chain Bracelet - Stainless Steel

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Heavy and imposing stainless steel heavy chain bracelet with ornamented Veles bear head biting into his own tail. The ouroboros bracelet is closed with a spring clasp creatively designed as the bear's maw that locks onto the hatch provided on the other tail end of the bracelet. This bracelet comes in a variety of sizes, and the spring clasp adds extra comfort when putting the bracelet on and taking it off.

Veles is the Slavic deity of pastures, fields, forests and animals. In legends, Veles was capable of turning into any animal to wander the lands; however it was believed that his favorite form was that of a bear. Although Veles was considered to be a mischievous one due to his constant feuds with Perun, the deity of thunder, he was still worshipped across the lands for successful hunt and bountiful crops. Veles charms and idols were popular representations of kindness and dormant strength within, qualities that were often attributed to bears.

Product Size: Varied
Material: Stainless Steel
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Customer Reviews

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Veles Bear Bite Heavy Chain Bracelet

Awesome bracelet, family liked it so much I had to purchase more as gifts!!


Given as a gift and the recipient loved it. Very quick delivery to the UK, highly recommend

David J.
Veles Bear Bite Bracelet

Have the Bracelet, but waited a few weeks to wear and try it out before saying anything!
Basically Wow amazing, love the Bear Head and Style of Bracelet, great quality and look, so am very Happy with how it looks and feels when wearing it out and about!

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