Runic World Serpent Pendant - Sterling Silver

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Genuine 925 Sterling Silver pendant depicting the enormous wyrm Jormungandr biting its own tail with a Runic circle engraved on its side. The Runic circle is often called "the Wheel of the World" and it contains the entire Elder Futhark alphabet, claimed to have beneficial mystical properties by Skaldic manuscripts. This pendant is complete with the same pattern on both sides and comes with a comfortable fashion link chain that is included for wear.

Jormungandr is the enormous world serpent, which by the legends was tossed into the ocean by Odin. Finding safety and plethora of food in the ocean’s waters, Jormungandr has grown so big that he managed to coil around the land and grasp its own tail with its jaws. In Norse mythology, this serpent biting his own tail is another iconography of cycle of eternity, and once Jormungandr releases its tail, the eternity shall end and the end of all worlds, Ragnarok, shall begin.

Necklace Included: 23.6" (60cm) Fashion Link Chain
Product Size: 1.77" (4.5cm)
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 17.7g 
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World Serpent Pendant

Beautiful craftsmanship. Solid Silver weighty but not too heavy. Looks fabulous, absolutely love it.

Vincent M.

Fabulous product and fabulous service from a fabulous company.

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