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Handforged Ragnarok Mjolnir Replica - Bronze Trim

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Custom Engraving on Handle:
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Handforged items may take up to 15-20 work days to be shipped out, depending on current stock availability or special requests. If you have any special engraving or other requests, please contact our customer care.

Genuine handforged battle hammer designed in shape and artistic decoration to resemble Viking-inspired Thor's hammer used by Kratos in ‘God of War’. This replica hammer is fully engraved and decorated on both head and handle with custom engravings and bronze color trimmings to reimagine how the weapon would look like in real life.

Contrary to the Norse legends, battle hammers were not as commonplace among Viking warriors and were more of a rarity. While popularized by the famous legends of God Thor and his hammer Mjölnir, most hammers only saw use as a handy blacksmith or other craftsmen tool. Successful and seasoned warriors would prefer to procure a sword as their weapon of choice when they had an opportunity or means to afford one, however several battle hammer variations were found among historical artifacts. Coupled with costliness, these weapons were quite rare in the Viking arsenal and mostly surfaced in legends & art.

Item details:

Overall length: 14.17" (360mm)
Head size: 9.8х5.1х2.6"(250х130х65mm)
Overall weight: 8.81lb (4kg)
Material: Metalized Aircraft Alloy, Wood, Leather, Water resistant acrylic paint & lacquer
Shipped from Ukraine, upgraded to 2-5 days DHL express shipping if available for your country

By default, you’ll get the same product as in the photos. Also, we offer additional engravings (text, logo, simple images) for an additional fee. Describe what you would like engraved or send an image to email: 

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Very good quality recommend

Super happy really recommend if your torn on this definitely buy it so good

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