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Viking Spearhead Necklace with Heavy Chain - Stainless Steel

Sale price€46,95 EUR

Great Reasons To Buy From Us:

Viking spearhead pendant with Norse inspired engravings ornamenting the pendant. Included with the pendant comes a heavy byzantium chain to compliment the large size of the pendant. Clasp locked ring completes the necklace and it is intended for pendants, and it can be easily opened via a spring clasp for easier wear or for pendants to be swapped at will.

Vikings were skilled warriors who utilized spears as one of their primary weapons. The spear was a versatile and effective tool for the Vikings, allowing them to engage in both close-quarters combat and long-range attacks. In battle, Vikings would form a shield wall, with warriors interlocking their shields to create a formidable defense. Positioned behind this wall, Viking spearmen would thrust their spears through the gaps between shields, targeting enemies with precise strikes.

Necklace Included: Byzantium Chain
Product Size: 2.36" (6.0cm)
Material: Stainless Steel
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Customer Reviews

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Danielle S.
Well received fathers day gift.

My partner was very happy with the pendant and chain. It's very heavy weight and looks really good. The quality is excellent. I will be buying more from Norsegarde for future gifts. For the price, you just don't get this quality or design from high Street shops. I can say without a doubt, there won't be anyone in town with a viking themed necklace even remotely like this.

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