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Fenrir Wolf Torc Bracelet - Stainless Steel

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Traditional style Viking bracelet with Fenrir wolf heads as end-piece adornments. The size of this bracelet can be adjusted by firmly pulling the bracelet apart or together until the desired size is reached. To avoid damaging the bracelet while adjusting, it is recommended to apply size adjustments slowly and to not exceed the product size limitations. Frequent adjustments may harm the bracelet. For more information on proper adjusting and wearing of this bracelet, please refer to our Cuff Bangle & Torc Bracelet Wear Guide.

In Norse mythology, Fenrir is an enormous wolf that was prevented from causing death and chaos across the worlds by the Aesir Gods. Tricked by the Aesir, Fenrir was chained for an eternity and a sword was stuck in his mouth to prevent him from gnawing on his chains. Doing so was costly for the Aesir – Tyr, God of law and justice, had to sacrifice his hand to persuade Fenrir to walk into a trap. During the end of all worlds, Ragnarok, it is prophesied that Fenrir will break his chains and run rampart, his maw stretched by the sword so wide that this giant wolf will be able to devour both Moon and Sun in one bite.

Product Size: Adjustable, 7.87" (20cm) to 10.24" (26cm) circumference
Packaging Included: Norsegarde Canvas Bag
Material: Stainless Steel 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
remy v.

Fenrir Wolf Torc Bracelet - Stainless Steel

Jessica K.
Very happy

Gifted to my partner for christmas he was very happy! Quality and craftsmanship was great delivery and packaging great very pleased and will certainly order again for other occasions thank you 😊

Simon S.
Just like the shows and movies

I love the weight, and the design. The metal is a little warped around the band on my fenrir bracelet, but accidents happen. Haven't taken it off once since I've got it and there no rust, no scratching, perfect condition. Just be careful of snagging the open side of the bracelet on your clothing and other loose things and having your wrist yanked sometimes.

Jamie L.
Fenrir wolf bracelet

Its fantastic i love vikings and anything to do with them and this bracelet is awesome thanks.

Linda C.
Amazing workmanship

I've purchased this as a gift for my brother's birthday. He will love it. Thank you for the quality, pricing and speed of delivery.

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