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How To Wear Torc Bracelets & Cuff Bangles

Wearing your first cuff bangle - how hard can it be? If you have any other torque or cuff bracelets, then likely you already know how to wear such bangles. However, even if you are a bangle expert, always remember to follow the correct wearing procedure and avoid opening & closing your cuff bangle for wear. Adjusting or opening and closing the cuff bangle each time it is worn will cause the bangle metal to weaken, resulting in the eventual snap of your bangle. Besides, some bangles are so tough it is impossible to open and close them every single time for wear.

So how do you wear your first cuff bangle? In this guide, we will explain the step by step guide for wearing your first cuff bangle, which is also applicable to the torc bracelets available on our store.

Step 1 - Adjusting your cuff bangle: Most bangle enthusiasts will be required to do this step only once - adjusting your cuff bangle. For correctly adjusting your cuff bangle, turn your wrist sideways and adjust your cuff bangle opening gap to barely fit the thinnest part of your wrist. Once this step is done, you should not have to repeat it for consequent wears.

Step 2 - Threading your cuff bangle: Turn your wrist sideways, and slowly push the cuff bangle opening gap onto the thinnest part of your wrist. For advanced bangle wearers, you can lightly push one of the bangle ends into the soft part on the bottom of your wrist and slide the other end of the bangle over the top - this way you can have a smaller opening gap on your cuff bangle.

Step 3 - Securing and wearing your cuff bangle: Once the bangle is threaded onto your wrist, simply twist the cuff bangle opening towards the bottom of your wrist and go about your day. For the first time wear, you can also slightly mold the bangle for better fit around your wrist, however be careful to avoid accidentally changing the adjustment that you have made in Step 1 to the bangle opening.

Step 4 - Removing your cuff bangle: To remove your cuff bangle, simply twist the bangle opening gap towards the thin side of your wrist and remove the bangle in the same way as you have threaded it in Step 2. Easy!

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