Frequently Asked Questions

"I ordered several items from you, but just received a package with only one of the items."

Items are often packaged and shipped separately to reduce the packaging and processing times. We appreciate your patience and do not worry, you shall receive the rest of your order shortly.

"I completed my order, but I did not get a confirmation email."

Please check your spam folder in case the email ended up there. You should receive the confirmation email shortly after your purchase, and a second follow-up email when your items are shipped.

"How long are the shipping times on your products?"

Our products are usually delivered within 10 to 28 days of your purchase to North America or within 45 days Worldwide. This way you can enjoy the free shipping on all of our goods. Very rarely there may be shipping complications that can delay your order for a longer time that stated. Please feel free to contact us in case you are concerned that your parcel was lost, and our customer care will contact you shortly.