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Handcrafted Miniature Ravens Pendant - Gold

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All handcrafted items are individually made to order by an artisan. Please allow 12-15 working days for your personal piece to be crafted. Due to a complex creation process, some pieces may not be stamped with a hallmark. Gold shading may differ from photo based on Gold Type & Karat selected.

Genuine Handcrafted Gold Miniature Pendant featuring Odin's ravens. This pendant is a part of our miniature series, showcasing a sleek, uncomplicated, and lightweight design. It comes complete with a comfortable black necklace for effortless and stylish wearing.

In Norse mythology, ravens were known as Odin’s eternal companions that he created to assist his wolves with their hunt. The first two ravens were named Hugin and Munin, memory and thought, were eyes and ears during Odin’s travels across the world. Amongst his many names Odin was also known as the raven lord and these birds of prey were highly regarded in Nordic society, often depicted on charms and drawings as a sign of wisdom and foresight.

Necklace Included: Black Waxed Cord Necklace
Product Size:
 0.67" (1.7cm)
Material: 10k/14k/18k Yellow or White Gold
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A fine piece of craftsmanship, small but low key. Well worth the money and the 2 week wait.

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