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Fenrir Wolf Runic Pendant - Stainless Steel

Sale price$34.95 USD

Great Reasons To Buy From Us:

This Norse-inspired pendant features a symbolic Fenrir wolf encircled by an Elder Futhark runic circle. Traditionally known as "the Wheel of the World", this circle holds the entire alphabet, believed by Skaldic manuscripts to have potent mystical powers. On the opposite side of this double-sided pendant is a Viking compass, and it comes with a fashion link chain for easy wearing.

In Norse mythology, Fenrir is an enormous wolf that was prevented from causing death and chaos across the worlds by the Aesir Gods. Tricked by the Aesir, Fenrir was chained for an eternity and a sword was stuck in his mouth to prevent him from gnawing on his chains. Doing so was costly for the Aesir – Tyr, God of law and justice, had to sacrifice his hand to persuade Fenrir to walk into a trap. During the end of all worlds, Ragnarok, it is prophesied that Fenrir will break his chains and run rampart, his maw stretched by the sword so wide that this giant wolf will be able to devour both Moon and Sun in one bite.

Necklace Included: Fashion Link Chain
Packaging Included: Norsegarde Canvas Bag
Product Size: 1.57" (4.0cm)
Hole Size: 4mm
Material: Stainless Steel
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Amazing Quality

The quality is better than I expected! It's heavy, strong and durable. It's beautiful. Purchased a a gift and the recipient LOVED it.
Fast postage.

Mr P.C.C.
Mr Paul

Really lovely item arrived fast delivery well-made good value for money lovely item well worth the money very happy customers

steve c.
Two for the price of one

Given that this extremely well made pendant has Fenrir on the front, it’s also reversible! I love it!

Rem K.

I ordered two necklaces a while back; for my partner who really adores wolves, and has a personal connection to norse mythology and the culture. He loves them, and wears them every day. I was very satisfied with the quality, and they look amazing on him.

Amanda W.

Awesome it was a gift for a very good friend. He loves it. Would definitely buy from you again

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