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Handcrafted Valhalla Dagger Pendant - Sterling Silver

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All handcrafted items are individually made to order by an artisan. Please allow 5-7 working days for your personal piece to be crafted. Due to complete creation of each item by hand, some pieces are not stamped with a 925 mark. This model is available in Gold. If you have any special requests for this item, please contact our customer care.

Made from genuine 925 Sterling Silver, this handcrafted dagger pendant features a Celtic knot hilt and "Valhalla" inscribed along the length of the blade. Boasting a double-sided design with a cubic zirconia gem adorning the hilt, the pendant includes a black cord for ease of wear.

In Norse mythology, Valhalla is a grand hall ruled over by the wise God Odin located in the land of Nordic Gods called Asgard. It was fabled that half of the warriors who die in combat are guided by Valkyries to Valhalla, where they endlessly feast and do battle in preparation to assist Odin during the final battle of Ragnarok, the end of the world in Norse mythology. Due to this belief, many warriors preferred to die in battle to go to Valhalla over dying in their beds, which made them even more fearsome and unyielding in battle.

Product Size: 1.89" (4.8cm)
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 12g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Eric D.

Handcrafted Valhalla Dagger Pendant - Sterling Silver

Maurice F.
Extremely pleased with this pendant

I purchased this pendant because I really liked the design which seemed to capture a very Nordic theme. On receiving the pendant I was completely impressed by the craftsmanship; the quality is excellent.
I'm extremely pleased with my purchase ... five stars are definitely deserved

Jack D.
Dagger pendant

Good quality and very good communications throughout it's journey to me, 100% will order again from them!

Dagger pendant review

Love the quality of the actual pendant, but the clasp ring has detached from the cord twice

Neil C.

Thankyou Norsegarde I am blown away.
VERY happy with my purchase, the piece is even better than Id expected.
Great service, sensational products.
5 stars guys!

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