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Helm of Awe and Vegvisir Double Pendant

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Viking-inspired pendant with the legendary sigil, Helm of Awe, engraved on one side of the pendant and Vegvisir compass engraved on the second side. A comfortable metal link chain necklace is included with the pendant.

The Helm of Awe, also known as Aegishjalmur or Viking Compass, is a mysterious and powerful symbol in Norse mythology. Described in one of the poems in the Poetic Edda, this symbol was worn by the terrifying guardian dragon of cursed treasure known as Fafnir. In the poem, much of Fafnir’s strength and invincibility is attributed to this symbol worn between his brows, and many Norse warriors would follow in his stead wearing this symbol to grant them the dragon’s ferocity. In addition to the legend, each arm of the Helm of Awe resembles the Old Norse Z rune, which symbolized protection and victory in battle.

Vegvisir, meaning that which shows the way, is an Icelandic compass rune for travelers and wayfinders to always find the right path or direction in their travels. In one of the manuscripts, it was claimed that the carrier of such sign will never lose their way in any storm or poor weather, and will always be able to find the road to their goal even if that road was previously unknown to them. 

Necklace Included: 23.6" (60cm) Fashion Link Chain
Packaging Included: Norsegarde Canvas Bag
Product Size: 1.77" (4.5cm)
Hole Size: 4.5mm
Material: Zinc Alloy
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daniel W.

Absolutely love it, wear it everyday to be honest, the only down side is the paint has started to fade on one side but it’s standard wear & tear.

Juana L.F.F.
Love Love Love

I just received my Helm of Awe and Vegvisir Double Pendant and I can't seem to stop looking at it. It arrived on time and it looks and feels great. Now I am waiting for other items to arrive. If they are anything of great quality like my pendant, I will be sure to order from them again. Just love it and I am a female!

Karl B.

I would say the paint does fade quite easily especially the side facing skin
Other than that vey happy with the product