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Shipping Information for Handcrafted Products

All Jewelry Originating from the Handmade Workshop is Identified as 'Handcrafted' in Product Name & Description

Our Handcrafted products are individually hand-made for your order in our artisan workshop located in Ukraine. Despite the military conflict in the east of Ukraine, all of our artisans are hard at work making beautiful jewelry for our clients. As most of the civilian services and industries had resumed work in Ukraine, we are once again able to deliver our premium hand-made jewelry directly to your doorstep worldwide.

Most of our Handcrafted jewelry normally takes between 5 to 10 days to complete per order. Complex jewelry pieces may take longer to complete than others - please see average completion times listed on each Handcrafted product page. Completion of Handcrafted jewelry during the busy holiday season may take up to an additional week in addition to the advertised timeframe.

Please note that in some regions or countries it will be your responsibility to pay for your area customs duties if required. 

Please refer to the average delivery times for Handcrafted products below. Shipping times during holiday season may take longer than normal.

Listed shipping times do not include production times disclaimed on each item. Shipping times to some destinations may be prolonged during the busy holiday season.

Country  Average Shipping Times
United States 15 - 20 Days
European Union 15 - 20 Days
United Kingdoms 15 - 20 Days
Australia 20 - 30 Days
Canada 15 - 25 Days
New Zealand 30 - 35 Days
Rest of the World 30 - 40 Days
ATTENTION! Shipping Times DO NOT Include Production Times 


All of our Handcrafted products are shipped with Ukrainian Postal (UkrPoshta) and are delivered worldwide. The delivery times are still improving as new logistics are being improved by UkrPoshta for global deliveries, and these shipping times are regularly updated.

Thank you for your consideration of buying one of our Handcrafted products. Our handmade workshop is operational, and it is ready to take your orders and custom requests. This purchase means a lot to us, and it will help our Ukrainian artisans to rebuild their lives and country.



What is the current delivery success rate for Handcrafted products?

Despite prolonged delivery times and adapting logistics, package delivery rates are still exceptionally high by Ukrainian Postal with over 99% of all packages being successfully delivered since the start of war. 

What is the refund & replacement policy on Handcrafted products lost in shipping?

We guarantee the arrival of your purchase or your money back. If you suspect that the package with your purchase was lost on the way, please contact us at

If there is no package arrival past 45 days from shipping deadline, the procedure is the following:

1. Investigate your missing package to attempt to recover and expedite your package delivery
2. Provide you with a full refund or a free reshipment for your order if the package is lost

My package is stuck on tracking for over a week - is it lost in transit?

Deliveries of all packages from our Ukrainian workshop are being routed through neighboring countries, and there may be limited tracking events available throughout the transportation stage due to adapting logistics of our postal carrier.

Since packages are transported part way by ground, transportation times may take up to several weeks with few or no tracking updates. In the meantime, please do not worry - should there be no package arrival past the guaranteed delivery time, we will provide you with a full refund or a replacement for your order after a brief investigation.

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