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Meet The Handmade Workshop

All Jewelry Originating from the Handmade Workshop is Identified as 'Handcrafted' in Product Name & Description

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Located in the heartland of Kyiv, Ukraine, our handmade workshop delivers unparalleled quality jewelry from the hands of an artisan directly to your doorstep. Founded and operated by a group of artisans passionate about myths and legends of Norse and Slavic people, both design and production is completed within the workshop.

Ukrainian culture and origins are deeply rooted in Norse and Viking history that is studied and honored in modern Ukraine. The strong connection between Ukrainian and Nordic people goes back to the 8th century when the Scandinavian colonists have settled in the lands of what was later known as the Kievan Rus. The ancient Slavic and Nordic cultures have intertwined in these lands, and gave birth to the pantheon of pagan Gods and traditions celebrated to this day in Ukraine, with striking similarities to those of Norse culture.

Just as the Norse, the Kievan Rus was home of Rus Vikings called the Varangians, who were known to be fierce fighters that traversed seas and lands in search of glory and riches. The Varangians were so highly regarded as warriors that for several generations Byzantine Emperors hired their best fighters as bodyguards to the throne. The Varangian Guard was later known as the elite unit of the Byzantine army, attracting many warriors from Norse and Slavic regions to serve in the guard.

With deep history and cultural appreciation in mind, every jewelry item made within the workshop starts with an idea and a model. Using computer assisted design, an artist begins their work to combine ancient art, artifact and myth into their creation that will later be made in silver & bronze flesh by the artisans. 

Once your order is placed for one the handmade jewelry pieces, an artisan picks the metal and begins their work. First, a right cut of the material is made and carefully filed for further labor. This is the important step to both give your piece its shape and to remove any imperfections that may cause any discomfort for wearing.

Then, the prepared base is ready for metalworking. This step gives your jewelry piece the pattern that was so thoroughly designed by the model artist. Before your piece acquires its shape, it might be molded, domed, textured, dapped and forged by the artisan - each of the procedures that are part and parcel of the silversmith metalworking that brings jewelry to life.

When shaped, your jewelry piece is carefully sized and soldered together by the artisan. This is when your piece is put together for wear just as you wanted it or gets any extra accessories for wearing it such as loops and hooks.

With soldering done, the piece is almost ready. However please be patient, as there is one last important step - finishing your piece. This is where your piece is polished of any imperfections that have occurred during the previous steps and acquires that silver jewelry shine. Patina darkening is also applied during this last step to emphasize the pattern, and any last finishing touches are directly injected by the artisan.

And with that, your piece is complete! It is then inspected the the workshop quality assurance person, carefully packaged and is shipped directly to your doorstep, completing its journey from a simple piece of metal to the beautiful piece in your hands. Hope you enjoy!

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