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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Products

"What is the difference between handcrafted and non-handcrafted goods?"

Our products are made by several global partners. All products advertised as 'Handcrafted', 'Handforged' and 'Handcarved' are handmade per order by individual craftsmen. Other products are factory made and stocked in our warehouse. Regardless of the production method, all of our products are selected and regularly checked for quality, and should meet all of your expectations in their look and presentation.

"What are handcrafted goods and where are they made?"

All products advertised as 'Handcrafted', 'Handforged' and 'Handcarved' are handmade per order by skilled artisans in various workshops situated in Kyiv, Ukraine. Despite the ongoing conflict in the eastern regions of Ukraine, all civilian industries remain operational, and there have been no shipping disruptions since the conflict's onset in February 2022. With a vast array of designs, these products are typically individually crafted upon order and dispatched directly from the workshop.

"Can your handcrafted jewelry be customized?"

Certainly, most of our handmade products offer extensive customization options. Whether you seek basic modifications like custom ring sizes or ring engravings or more intricate custom designs, our skilled artisans are capable to fulfil your specific requests.

"Where is your non-handcrafted jewelry made and can it be customized?"

We provide a diverse range of budget-friendly jewelry options for our customers. Most jewelry stocked at our warehouse is factory made within the Asia region by several small manufacturers specifically equipped for production of this jewelry type. We ensure that mega-factories are not involved in the manufacturing process, and all jewelry manufacturers undergo strict quality control measures. Our stocked products cannot be customized, and will arrive only in options available on the product page.



"How is your handcrafted jewelry shipped?"

All handcrafted bronze & silver jewelry is made per order and it is shipped directly from the workshop facility located in Kyiv, Ukraine by Ukrainian Postal (UkrPoshta) and Global Postal Union. Package handling and import is usually conducted by your local postal service, and may incur import fees in some countries. All gold jewelry is shipped through FedEx express. Click here to see comprehensive shipping information for Handcrafted products.

"How is your non-handcrafted jewelry shipped?"

All of our stocked jewelry is shipped via economy express e-commerce delivery providers from our main warehouse or fulfilment partner facilities around the globe. All import and handling is done by the delivery provider, and will not incur any import fees worldwide. Click here to see comprehensive shipping information for stocked products.

"I ordered several items from you, but just received a package with only one of the items."

Items are sometimes packaged and shipped separately to reduce the packaging and processing times. Shipment of the items is handled by several global fulfilment facilities or workshops, sometimes resulting in multiple packages sent. We appreciate your patience and do not worry, you shall receive the rest of your order shortly.

"I completed my order, but I did not get a confirmation email (or a tracking number for my order)."

Please check your spam folder in case the email ended up there. You should receive the confirmation email shortly after your purchase, and a second follow-up email when your items are shipped. A the package tracking number will be available on your order page once your order is shipped.

"I have ordered a Handcrafted item several days ago. When is it going to be shipped?"

Most of our Handcrafted jewelry normally takes between 5 to 10 days to complete per order. Complex jewelry pieces may take longer to complete than others - please see average completion times listed on each Handcrafted product page. Completion of Handcrafted jewelry during the busy holiday season may take up to an additional week in addition to the advertised timeframe.

"How long are the shipping times on your products?"

All products are usually delivered within 10 to 30 days of your purchase to North America and Europe or within 45 days Worldwide. This way you can enjoy the free shipping on all of our goods. Very rarely there may be shipping complications that can delay your order for a longer time that stated. Please feel free to contact us in case you are concerned that your parcel was lost, and our customer care will contact you shortly.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at!

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