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Handforged Viking Axe 'Grom'

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Custom Engraving on Handle:
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Handforged items may take up to 15-20 work days to be shipped out, depending on current stock availability or special requests. If you have any special engraving or other requests, please contact our customer care.

Genuine handforged axe designed in shape and form to resemble historical artifacts used by the Nordic people. Axe head, upper and bottom handles bound with leather grips to prevent hand slipping, useful additions that were often found on axes of past & present made by the craftsmen or by owners themselves. This is a fully functional axe model, designed for both stunning display and efficient use as an axe.

An axe was every Viking’s trusty tool and a reliable, readily available weapon of choice among Norse people. When it came to managing and repairing their ships, longboats, made in their entirety of wood, axes were a must have for every one of those ancient naval warriors. When on land, axes were used to fell trees for fires, building basic defenses, or ship repairs. Versatile for the Viking lifestyle, this weapon and tool was always on hand while on a journey, ready to be used for both felling trees and foes alike.

Item details:

Overall length: 24.80" (630mm)
Overall weight: 2.75lb (1.25kg)
The length of the head: 5.51" (140mm)
Cutting edge: 6.10" (155mm)
The material of axe head: high carbon steel 60G
Type: Functional axe, ready to use
Handle material: Ashwood
Hardness: 52-56(HRC)
Leather case included
Shipped from Ukraine, upgraded to 2-5 days DHL express shipping if available for your country

By default, you’ll get the same product as in the photos. Also, we offer additional engravings (text, logo, simple images) for an additional fee. Describe what you would like engraved or send an image to email:

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