Cernunnos Celtic Shield Pendant - Stainless Steel


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A Celtic-inspired shield pendant with the deer nature God Cernunnos engraved on it. Second side of the pendant is polished flat for comfortable wear. A metal link chain necklace is included with the pendant.

Cernunnos is the Celtic God of nature, fertility, and vegetation, and in some traditions he is also a deity of death and passing on to the spirit world. Often associated with the imagery of horned deer in ancient Celt religious practices, his human manifestation was also depicted with two magnificent seer antlers on his head, shaggy beard and unkempt hair. This was the imagery of man being one with nature away from the developed society, certainly inspired by the religious druidic hermits. 

Necklace Included: 23.6" (60cm) Fashion Link Chain
Product Size: 1.97" (5.0cm) 
Material: Stainless Steel
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