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Handcrafted Leather Wallet 'Fehu' - Black

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This is a ready to ship product. Due to creation of each item by hand, the product received may have very slight detailing differences from the displayed picture.

An amazing new home for all your riches, handmade with high quality finish leather and decorated with a silver 'Fehu' rune to attract new wealth into your wallet! Engraved with detailed floral patterns and clovers for luck, this wallet also features 6 slots for cards and 2 cash compartments providing effortless access to your finances when needed. This wallet is perfect for those looking for modern high quality coupled with a touch of Norse & Celtic charm and magic.

The silver rune 'Fehu' adorning this wallet is one of the fabled Nordic runes of Elder Futhark claimed to be discovered by Odin the All-father himself when he hung himself from the world tree Yggdrasil in his daring bid to gain wisdom through sacrifice. Each of these runes are said to have mystical beneficial properties, and they are closely associated with Norse magic, religion, and poetry. The rune 'Fehu' stands for 'Wealth', and it is believed to attract both physical and spiritual riches to help in our lives.

Product Size: 6.9" (17.5cm) x 4.5" (10.5cm)
Material: Crazy Horse Finish Cattle Leather, 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 120g & 4g Silver Rune
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Andrew B.
Very good

Very excellent quality.
Very practical and spacious
Worth every penny.