Draupnir Ornaments Odin's Bangle - Sterling Silver

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Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Viking bangle with the legendary Draupnir ring ornaments. The size of this bracelet can be adjusted by firmly pulling the bracelet apart or puthing the bracelet together until the desired size is reached. To avoid damaging the bracelet while adjusting, it is recommended to apply adjustments slowly and to not exceed the product size limitations.

In Norse legends, the Draupnir ring was forged by the dwarven brothers Brokkr and Eitri as one of the gifts for the Aesir along with the legendary Mjöllnir, Thor's hammer. Every ninth night, this ring was capable of multiplying itself, and eight new identical rings would drip off it, indistinguishable from the original. When Odin's son Baldr died, Odin placed this ring on the funeral pyre to accompany Baldr on his last journey.

Product Size: Adjustable, 6.69" (17cm) to 9.45" (24cm) circumference
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 37.2g 
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Customer Reviews

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Alan S.
Could have been larger.

Very pleased with the quality of the bracelet, size wise I would have liked the bracelet to have been1.5 cm longer.In future will check size ,still wearable. Many Thanks AFS.

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