Rustic Raven Skull Leather Bracelet - Stainless Steel


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A unique and unusual leather bracelet with Raven Skull charm as its centerpiece. This bracelet comes with three size variations, and is firmly and easily secured on the wrist with a size adjustable strap.

In Norse mythology, ravens were known as Odin’s eternal companions that he created to assist his wolves with their hunt. The first two ravens were named Hugin and Munin, memory and thought, were eyes and ears during Odin’s travels across the world. Amongst his many names Odin was also known as the raven lord and these birds of prey were highly regarded in Nordic society, often depicted on charms and drawings as a sign of wisdom and foresight.

Product Size: Adjustable to 3 sizes: 7.48" (19cm), 8.66" (22cm), 9.84" (25cm)
Material: Leather, Stainless Steel
Shipping: FREE Shipping! Please allow 14-28 days for shipping & delivery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Denise L.
Nice well made bracelet. Husband liked this gift.

Skull bracelet

Timo O.
Raven skull

Hi Alexander! Everything OK. Th bracelet arrived fast and I liked it very mutc so I order soon two more as gifts. best regards.

Adriana S.
Beautiful bracelet

Very nice bracelet, bought it as a present for a friend. Very pleased with the quality.

Gifted for Xmas

To my partner and he loved it! Very nice quality, he was pleasantly surprised and so was I that it arrived on time (shipped from china to UK), as well as the quality and feel of it!

Kirby S.
Raven bracelet

The Raven skull has nice detail. I really like the look of the bracelet. For me it’s the way I like it neat, eye catching, yet not

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