Valknut Jormungandr Pendant - Stainless Steel


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Nordic Valknut pendant with the great Jormungandr encircling it. Jormungandr is the world serpent that by Norse legends stretches throughout the entire ocean surrounding the lands, sinking its teeth in its own tail for an eternity.A comfortable metal link chain necklace is included with the pendant.

Valknut is one of the most intriguing and enigmatic symbols that were originated from Norse mythology. Translated as knot of those fallen in battle, it is unclear what exact representation of this sign is. Carved on ceremonial items and runestones, it is believed that Valknut was used for both religious purposes and for Norse runic magic. It is often found drawn on memorial stones and it is sometimes met in depictions of Nordic myths, often associated with Odin himself.

Necklace Included: Fashion Link Chain
Product Size: 1.50" (3.8cm)
Material: Stainless Steel 
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