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Drinking Horn with Accessories

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Great Reasons To Buy From Us:

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Drinking horn filled with cool frothing mead - could you think of anything more Viking than this? While historically it is uncertain where the original idea of drinking from a hollowed animal horn came from, Vikings had adapted this drinking vessel in its full splendor and popularized it as an unshakable part of Norse culture. The Norse loved to feast so much that the myths of Valhalla - Norse variation of Heaven for mighty warriors - promised eternal feast and brawl for fallen Vikings in the presence of Odin himself. The best quality of the original drinking horn that the Norse found was the absolute inability to put the horn down until it is emptied of drink, which was guaranteed to hasten the drinking pace and therefore fun of the ongoing feast.

This drinking horn is a perfect beverage vessel for those who love to drink like a true Viking and set the pace for any feasting, so bottoms up! This drinking horn is made out of ethically sourced Vietnamese Ox Buffalo horn, and it is polished and coated with food-safe lacquer.

Item Information & Use Instructions:

🍺 Each drinking horn comes in unique colour and shape design. Each buffalo is unique, and so is each horn!

🍺 Each drinking horn has a capacity of 300ml~600ml or 10oz~20oz. Since each horn shape is unique, capacity may vary.

🍺 Once received, fill the drinking horn with soap or soda water for up to 24hrs if any lacquer or horn smell is present. Wash several times with dish soap before first use.

🍺 Only for use with cool or room temperature beverages. Fill with cold beer or mead for ideal use!

⚠️ Do NOT put hot beverages inside your drinking horn. Hot beverage may cause damage or cracking of your horn.

⚠️ Do NOT wash the drinking horn inside the dishwasher, or hot water inside the dishwasher can cause damage to your horn. Wash the horn before and after each use.

⚠️ Keep out of the sun or dry environments to avoid cracking of the drinking horn. Use periodically to avoid moisture deficiency.

✅ We stand by our drinking horns. If you have a leak or a serious defect, please contact us and we will replace your drinking horn free of charge or returns.

Customer Reviews

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Dragana L.

Good quality 👌, satisfied with communication with the seller 🙂 The only thing is it took to long to get to my location, but still my boyfriend loves it and he uses it everywhere 😊 Thank you so much 🙂 Will buy more stuff from this store 😁